TheKotlinDev is built on Hexo is built on Hexo!

Why Hexo?

I have enjoyed worked with with wordpress in the past, however, I have always thought that it can be quite bloated and slow.
For this reason, I have always been interested in lightweight static website builders.

There are countless different options out there to get a blog up and running using website builders like Jekyll, Hugo and Gatsby to headless CMS solutions Cockpit which you can hook up to your own front-end.

Runs on pre-installed dev tools

Hexo runs on node.js, I didn’t need to install ruby or any other tooling to get it working locally.

Backed by a large community

Hexo is downloaded ~63K times a month and 32K stars on GitHub.

The community backing of Hexo is massive. This means you can use well maintained plugins and themes with plenty of support and resources to get your blog up and running.

Simple and intuitive to use

It allows you to use common standards to write content such as Markdown and, given you have the correct plugins/dependencies/themes installed, KaTeX and mermaid.

I managed to get my first iteration of this blog ready to push within a day or two!